BitPay: “We have paused operations in Germany”

BitPay confirms by sending an email to Cointelegrah, which suspended its operations in Germany on August 1.

Jan Jahosky, cites that next 2020 that Germany will regulate the use of Bicoin and that for that reason the company decides to suspend its services in this country.

Bitpay also says that it will resume service once the new regulations have entered the country mentioned above.

“Germany has publicly stated that they want crypto companies to apply for a license from 2020. We have paused operations in Germany while assessing the need for German licenses.”

Meanwhile, Computer Base announces that it will not be able to continue offering payment through Bitcoin at the moment, due to the temporary suspension of Bitpay services.

As always, these new regulations rely on the discourse of fighting money laundering from drug trafficking and other illegal activities. In this case, the regulatory body is the German Federal Financial Supervision Authority.

Be that as it may, Bitcoin will no longer disappear, although anyway you have to think that Bitcoin is still very young, and when I say Bitcoin, at this moment I mean the whole set of cryptocurrencies. We must think about a completely regulated future, it is only a matter of time

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